How to pass Form data in request HTTPBody

I want to pass form datas in the request body in json format.

for example:


name : “abc”

age: “34”

place: “Test”

country: "IN


Questions :

1. Is there any option to pass json file data in katalon

2. Is it possible to edit the data from Data Files/InternalData in runtime (I am exploring how these kind of json data can be passed from excel/internal data options). Something like below.

3. If I am using the TestObject(Object Repository) with dynamic values in HttpBody(as shown below) how it can be replaced from test case in runtime.

Checked the solution in Passing values into API calls - Archive - Katalon Community

but getHttpBody() method is deprecated in 5.4.2 version.

Could you please help with solutions?

Screenshot (46).png

Screenshot (49)_LI.jpg


Katalon Studio provides several methods that you could apply to create dynamic Web service object at Test case design and at Run time.
To parameterize Web service object to design test case, you can follow this instruction:
To create dynamic information at run time, you can use Web service builder at:

Hope that they will help to resolve your cases.