Katalon Runtime engine collection performance time issues

I have a collection that contains 50 tests suite
Each test should take approximately 10 min
Parallel Max Concurrent Instances set to 20
Exection from Jenkins to Selenium Grid
The collection execution is really unstable sometimes the whole execution takes 2 hours sometimes takes 1 h for no reason
CPU, Memory and VM resources are the same
Do you have the same issues ?

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Katalon offers another new approach of parallel execution:

This new offerring proves, I think, that the old “parallel mode” was a dud.


Why not you try the TestOps Agents?

Be aware. You are suppose to have enough number of KRE licences to run in parallel. If you want 20 parallel processes, you are suppose to purchace 20 + 1 KRE licenses. You should check the cost at the Pricing page.

By the way, I have never used this feature. I have no experience. Please do not ask me about it.

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Hi @hakim.ouassa,

Based on your question, I am assuming that you are one of our paid customers. If that is the case, you can contact our Product Support team via:

  • [For our paid users] Creating a support ticket here, or
  • [For both our paid & free users] Send an email to: support@katalon.com

Alternatively, we are also hosting the Ask Katalon Anything session on our forum where our Product team members will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about working with the Katalon Platform…