Open Incognito Windows on Chrome with IDE

I’m fighting for hours to make Katalon IDE to open an Incognito windows on Chrome.
I’ve found some javascript that seemed to work on Selenium for Firefox.

But with no success at all.

Any hints, ideas, solutions.
Or maybe it’s unsuported. I’ve look in the Forum and in the FAQs but nothing.

Hope anyone has ran into this problem before and has any response.


Based on this page: List of Chromium Command Line Switches « Peter Beverloo, the settings in Katalon Studio should be :


The List option will not allow me to enter the value stated. I tried changing it to string, which will let me enter, but when I save it goes back to []. If I try to use the list option I end up in multiple loops of the List Property window opening. Any idea what is happening or where else I can add this setting within Katalon Studio?

How can I get to the project settings page? I am using the extension to record my tests but cannot find my way back to the above page.

it’s not in extension, it in in Katalon Studio (the big one)

Found them.

Hi, I added in the execution chrome settings: args List [–incognito] as in this question but my recorder still opens the regular web browser.

Try adding


to your settings/internal/

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