Open Browser does not work after updating to Katalon 6.0.5

I updated to Katalon 6.0.5 from 5.9.1 and when I wrote my new test case in the manual mode it is failing on the OpenBrowser method, I have attached a screenshot of my error below, which indicates the reason as ‘com.kms.katalon.core.exception.StepFailedException: Unable to open browser with url’.

Ironically the test cases which I have created prior to this upgrade get executed without an issue, this leads me to believe that it may be something to do with the object capture in this version but then again I am not sure why its failing on open browser for these new testcases. I sincerely appreciate if anyone can help me resolve this problem, Thank you.

So i cant read your script but try just opening the browser and then navigating to URL - this will define whether its the URl or browser causing the issue.

 WebUI.openBrowser(' ')
 WebUI.naviagteToUrl('your URL')

Although you shouldnt be having an issue with what you are trying to do - could please tell us what Version of chrome and chromdriver your using.

Also as its not giving a reason other than cannot open browser with URL, please check the URL you have inputted is working as normal and is correct if you just try to navigate to it manually in a browser.

Hi hpulsford,

I added the lines of code
WebUI.openBrowser(’ ')
WebUI.naviagteToUrl(‘your URL’)

as you have mentioned to my script but it doesn’t seem to make a difference, please refer the screenshot below. It’s failing at WebUI.openBrowser(’ ')

However I also made a every strange observation that is when I ran the testcase individually without executing the testsuite it executed successfully without that exception. Sincerely appreciate your kind advice.

So this is a clue as to what might be causing this issue. If the test is able to run fine when not in a suite then its telling us something cant be right with the test suite. Is the test suite set up exactly the same as the conditions you ran the test in when it wasnt in the suite, what i mean is deos the suite have the correct profile, same browser etc?

Hi hpulsford,

I managed to figure out what happened and unfortunately it has been another case human error. So in this new version of Katalon when a new project is created it has three options API/Services, Web and Mobile and the API/Services get selected by default here and I have mistakenly created the project with that option.

I figured this out when I got a fresh project at that point I selected the Web option properly.and every thing turned out well. Unfortunately Katalon does not indicate to the user which type of project the user has selected, this could have been avoided at least if there was some sort of label. Anyway now everything is fine and I hope if anyone encounters the same issue they will know where to look. So hpulsford thanks for all your help, take care.


Im glad you got it resolved in the end :slight_smile: