Only command in non-GUI katalon linux (KRE) environment via jenkins Can you run the written test cases?

Only command in non-GUI katalon linux (KRE) environment via jenkins
Browser type = Chrome, can you run the written test cases?

this is the third post, i think, you open on the same matter.
would you mind to re-phrase what you are looking for?

@Russ_Thomas please review …
@vu.tran and again, i will be punished for sarcasm, right?

Yep, I saw them.

And wouldn’t you know, it’s the weekend already in Vietnam so stuff like this won’t get picked up (if at all) until Monday. Of course, the #1 reason to police posts like this is to keep Search functioning smoothly and efficiently. But when these things slip through, Search becomes a rats nest.

That made my day.
So accordingly … due to weekend in Vietnam, only other community members should reply?

Ok, therefore, I will no longer contribute, since mostly I am on this forum during my free time, no matter of week-ends.

That’s right. Normally I’d resist derailing a thread like this for obvious reasons. But since this is likely to be taken down it hardly matters.

I made the same point when the changes were made, that users are here 24/7 regardless of business hours, weekends included. I think @sara.leslie looks in over the weekend occasionally but I generally don’t see any other staffers. As a result, I’ve stopped engaging on weekends since there’s very little I can do.

Accordingly, I will stop my contribution most of the time, since sometime I am contributing during week times.
Will do it just randomly, with to the moon phase or planets alignment.

Hi @developer6, I find some documentations that might help you Use Katalon plugins for Jenkins integration on Ubuntu | Katalon Docs and Integrate Jenkins on Docker hosted in Ubuntu | Katalon Docs. However, we need more context of what you’re referring to.

Hi @Russ_Thomas and @bionel, thank you for tagging me and sorry for my late response. I don’t think you’ll get any purnishment for clarifying a question :sweat_smile: and my job is not about that :smiley:. I would say thank you to both of you for all of the contribution. We understand that our current operation does not suffice everyone with all timezones and constant needs. And we are lucky to have you and other top contributors helping us.

We are operating with business hours and we understand that this operation does not suffice all the needs. This is an open space where all Katalon users and potential users could join, learn about our Platform, ask questions, receive support from us and other members, engage with each other, mostly free users. Our paid users are receiving more dedicated resources from the company, 24/5 support.

For Katalon Community, we are trying to produce more content, bring more people to help and we foster mutual support when everyone is using our products differently, and the more we share the more we learn. Also, I think weekends are there for a reason, your participation is highly valued so please do not exhaust yourself during off-time.


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