On Test Case script editor, source > organise imports, there remained After Image of codes

Please let us know what you are using Katalon Studio for?

  1. I have currently applied Katalon Studio in my project

How would your work be affected if this issue has not been resolved?

  1. It doesn’t affect much, but I believe Katalon team should have this ticket resolved

Operating System

  • maxOS Big Sur 11.0.1

Katalon Studio Version


Katalon Studio logs

I do not think that log is useful for this case

Screenshots / Videos

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I had a Keyword script of over 50 lines where many import statements were duplicating.
I called in the editor with right-click Source > Organise imports. Then duplicating statements were removed, the total number of lines got reduced. The editor showed a curious view as attached. Please note the part highlighted is obviously wrong. What should I call it? After image? Closing and reopening the file wipes out this. Just looks kidding, unprofessional.

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Is this a “macOS Big Sur” issue as well?

I can reproduce this issue. This is a known issue of the Eclipse-based on macOS as well: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=568964.

We are working on the fix without upgrading Eclipse framework.

in v8.x I do not see this problem. perhaps was fixed at v7.9.0