Object Spy displays error window with exclamation mark - no other details

I am using Katalon Studio v 7.5.1. I am using Object Spy. I start the session and when I find the object I want, I right click on it. Then I save it. Katalon returns an error window that only shows an exclamation mark with no other indication of what the issue is.

I am trying to capture a div with a long name. I tried making the object name (and attributes name) shorter but that did not resolve the error. I would like help understanding what is triggering the error.

Here is the original object name: div_We could not find your email address in our system For assistance in signing up for your account please call us at (434) 977-5650 Our business hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (ET).

I shortened it to div_We could not find your email. That still triggered error.

Where can I see or learn what is causing the error? Thank you!

Hi @sholland,

I have tried the same as you but it was saved successfully after I shortened the name of the captured object. Besides, You could get more information by opening Help > Error Log.

~ Hope it could help /=)

Thank you so much! I am new to both Katalon and automated testing. I completely missed that there was an error log.