Spy web could not be performed

Blank alert box gets displayed when Spy Web function is performed and the object is not getting captured

@sneha2 I have never seen this error, although I regularly get errors for file name length If I capture object using this utility.

Did you tried creating object manually ?

Also if possible try to restart or re install Katalon and install / run as Admin.

Yea, this looks really fishy. What steps did you take?

Hi @sneha2

What version of Katalon Studio are you using ?
Can you show us the error log files under Error > Help.

Cheers !


I am using Katalon Studio version 6.1.0.
  1. I created a new project. File-> New-> Project

  2. Then selected Spy Web option. Action-> Spy-> Spy Web

  3. Entered URL and clicked start (Firefox was selected). After few seconds blank alert box got displayed.

Please see attached screenshot


I am using Katalon Studio Version: 6.1.0. Please see the attached error log file. error log file.txt (848.9 KB)

The object was created using record and playback mode.

@sneha2 Sometimes while recording the objects using Katalon Spy Method or record method the selected name of Object is too long which is not allowed by Windows and result in an error. To overcome that you can create an object manually.

hi, can someone please guide me, why alert box is not capturing

@manpreet.mukkar @ThanhTo