Object reference isn't automatically updating in my step definitions file


Not sure if this is just something that’s not available at the moment or an issue. I have my step definitions file which includes multiple test objects that I’m using. If I update the name of any of these test objects in the explorer, it doesn’t automatically update the name in my step definitions.

When renaming the object it states ‘Enter new name for the Object. All references to this Object are also updated.’

I’ve noticed the reference does automatically update in a normal Test case file, just not in a step definitions file. This is really putting me off moving forward with using Katalon.

Is there something I’m doing wrong or is this feature just not available?

The rename and some refactoring function aren’t totally working from what I’ve seen. Another example, I have few error message I check if they are valid and they are written in French with some special character like “é, è,ê”. When I refactor anything that touch a line with those character, they are replaced with “[?]”. It’s very annoying.