help needed - object repository is not displaying in katalon studio

HI Support Team,

We need quick help please :

Object Repository is not displaying or loading in katalon 8.6.8. as we have some apis calls in the repository but now we are not able to see Object Repository folder in katalon studio please .

Kindly guide me how can we see Object Repository folder in Katalon Studio please ?

Thank you so much.

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Hem Chandra Bhatt

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Before printing, think about the environment.

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Close katalon studio and open katalon studio then again open your project

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If opening and closing does not fix your issue like @atul.rai suggests, then perhaps you can reset your project.

1. Close your Katalon project

2. Delete the following folders:






— these folders are safe to delete as they will be recreated.

3. Reopen your project

Edit: I started thinking that perhaps you have accidently “moved” the OR by some type of mouse movement. Look in your other project folders, like Test Suites or Test Cases, to see if you find the OR there.

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