Object not rendered on screen in object spy and test execution but is rendered outside of katalon automation

Strange. Then I’m not really sure what could be causing this. The only other thing I can suggest would be to write a script that simply opens a browser instance, then manually navigate to that page in your app. I suppose there could be javascript events that aren’t being triggered properly depending on how you are clicking on elements.

Also check that the user you are using has appropriate permissions per your user management system. I’m sure you’ve done this already, but I would double-triple check.

Hey @Brandon_Hein
Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve double checked that the user has those permissions as I’ve signed in as them in a regular browser instance and can see the link. That is how I originally created the list of test strings/links to check for.

As for the javascript triggering event, to get to the page that it’s combing through for text, it’s simply a text link on the page that I’m clicking on so I’m not sure how else to get to that page. Also, it’s not working in spy object either and I’m manually clicking through the pages as well so I would think that would rule out an incorrect click event.

Please compare that link in both circumstances:

  1. When you run the steps by hand, as a human. Stop the test and screen cap the link from DevTools – any interesting parameters? href="somewhere?magic=123"
     – what is in the address bar AFTER you click the link?

  2. During TC execution: Stop the test and screen cap the link – same again, any interesting parameters?
     – what is in the address bar AFTER the link is clicked?

In the test, what are you using to click the link? WebUI.click? JS?


From spy object:


I’m wondering why the difference in addresses?

Question remaining… what do the links themselves look like (in DevTools). What we’re trying to expose is what @Brandon_Hein was getting at here:

If you conduct your next experiment in Firefox and screen cap the DevTools inspector on those links, we might get some clues. Firefox will show you if there are events attached to the element or one of its ancestors. They appear as clickable buttons in the inspector: event When you click the button you can see the code references. I suspect 1, they are there, 2, they’re different either when you run human or katalon, and/or when you click via WebUI.

Know this: there is a solution to this problem. We just need to find it.

@Russ_Thomas @Brandon_Hein
I appreciate the continued perseverance in trying to find the issue here!

And, you are definitely on to something because here is what I see in Firefox when inspecting “Show more” which brings up the entire list of text/links I’m testing:

Same event code in both firefox and object spy:

I hope that’s looking at the correct “thing”? We’re concerned about the difference between a render when run by hand and a render when launched as the automation user. Think long and hard about what changes?

Either way, sorry, I don’t see much I can sink my teeth into here. I did search for automation and Oracle HCM - came across this:

Might be worth reaching out? You’re using Selenium under the covers of Katalon and the fact it’s Python is immaterial.

Let’s see if we can get some more eyes on this:

@duyluong @ThanhTo

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Just a note: we also became enterprise customers recently so I decided to open a support ticket as well. If we need to let that take precedence, I’m fine with that and letting this post sit idle in the event others don’t have any additional input.

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