Not able to run tests in debug mode

I have recently updated the Katalon studio from 7.2.1 to 7.3. Today when I try to run in debug mode I am getting a warning message that says as below


Not sure why I am getting this pop-up. Is something I am missed here?

Which version do you have? Open the About dialog from the help menu.


So you have your answer. You need Katalon Studio Enterprise for debugging to work.

I used to have 7.2.1 and it was working fine with debug. Is this newly changed to have enterprise in order to use debug. Can I degrade to older version to use it.

No. Officially it began with 7.0 but I know it was left enabled for a while via the menus.

Nothing will stop you trying it.

There is the possibility that it worked because you were using KSE during the trial period. (One month I think). Then it updated to 7.3 at the same time as your KSE trial ran out.