Not able to find elements using katalon


not able to find elements using katalon i can only find the elements for drag position but not able to find for drop able… i tried by inspect element there also i am not able to find exact element?

can any one help me on this?

We need more information. Follow this advice…

I think ive gathtered your issue - Your using the WebUI.dragAndDropToObject keyword and cant get the drop element? Use the spy web tool to capture the drop object then add it in yourself manually. If im totally wrong then yes, follow the advice Russ has given

yes u r right sir wait i will make video and post it here

Just a guess, but I think that yellow box is hosting a canvas element. I’ve yet to see a test that works with a canvas.

Can you right-click in the yellow box and choose “Inspect”? If you see the dev tools Inspector appear, please send a screen shot so we can see the HTML…