Newbie Question: How do I import a bunch of click commands into Katalon Recorder Browser Extension?

I was using a program “imacros” to click a bunch of links for me on a website, but now that program is no longer working.

How do I import a bunch of commands to click into Katalon recorder? I realize Katalon is probably overkill for this task, but I’m not sure what other software to do this in. Please see the video attached here to have a look at what I’m trying to do. Thanks

Get the Excel sheet, give Column C a heading (e.g. ‘ID’), export as CSV file (you could also get rid of the other columns if you want).

Import it into the Test Data area (within that left hand side column) within Katalon Recorder.

Create the following script:

loadVars       |  CSVFilename.csv     | 
click              |  id=link_${ID}             |
endloadVars |                                    |

And then run that. If it doesn’t pick up the CSV file when you run it, you can go back to the Test Data area of the left hand side column and select ‘Use this in a test case’ from the context menu shown alongside the filename for the CSV file and select the test case you’ve just created.