Importing Test Cases from Katalon Automation Recorder

Is it possible to import test cases into Katalon Studio from Katalon Automation Recorder without having to re-record them?

Hi @Jeff_Sharp

I am not understanding your question yet. You can export Katalon Recorder’s test cases as Katalon Studio’s script.

Please provide us with more information.

Once we have exported from Katalon Recorder in Katalon Studio format, how do we then import the file into Katalon Studio?

Never mind, I’ve just found this post

Yes, that is what I was looking for, ThanhTo. Thank you.

Thanks Mark for posting that. Very helpful.

After “importing” (actually copy-pasting) the script from recorder to Katalon Studio, there is error when the script has loadVars. It seems Katalon Studion doesnt accept loadVars commands.

Getting this error in console :

"No signature of method: com.thoughtworks.selenium.webdriven.WebDriverBackedSelenium.loadVars() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String) "

How do we get around this issue?