How to import Selenium IDE test cases into Katalon Studio


Katalon Automation Recorder is designed to support users of the obsolete Selenium IDE to record and playback automation tests. It also allows users to export recorded automation test case to multiple scripting languages and frameworks. Generated test scripts can be enhanced with advanced conditions, dynamic validations and test data with Katalon Studio.
This tutorial will demonstrate how to import Selenium IDE test case into Katalon Studio by using generated test scripts from Katalon Automation Recorder.

In Selenium IDE, select the test case that you want to export. Select File > Save test case as. We need to save the test case as HTML format to import into Katalon Automation Recorder. Provide a name with “.html” and click Save.

Next, to import into Katalon Automation Recorder, start Katalon Automation Recorder extension (Chrome) or addon (Firefox), click 3 vertical dots at the end of Test case explorer, select Open Test Suite from the drop-down menu.

An Open test suite dialog will be displayed, select recent saved Selenium test case from step prior. Katalon Automation Recorder will import and display the imported test case.

Click Export on the main toolbar. An “Export Test Case as Script” window will display. Select Katalon Studio option from Language & Framework drop-down menu. Click Copy to Clipboard.

Open Katalon Studio desktop application and Create a new Test Case. In Test Case pane, select Script tab to switch to scripting mode.
(Tips: When creating a new Test Case, Katalon Studio will automatically include import libraries statement at the top of the editor. You can delete these import statements as it’s included in the generated script from Katalon Automation Recorder.)

Paste the copied Katalon Automation Recorder test script into the editor.

Or switch to Manual Tab to view test steps

Once finished editing, Save the test case and Run with preferred execution mode.

That’s how to leverage Katalon Automation Recorder to import Selenium IDE test cases into Katalon Studio for advanced conditions, dynamic validations, test data management, cross-browsers execution using external test data, and intuitive reports.

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Hello Liam_B,

Is there a way to import the Selenium IDE 3 “.side” files?