[New Releases] Katalon Platform update - August 9, 2023 📢

Hi Community members, :wave:

Today we are releasing an update to the Katalon Platform which bring some small enhancements as below…


We have updated the in-app messages on the Login page to be more straightforward. This helps to avoid confusion for you and other users.

2. Administration

  • Forgot your Password? We now support Keycloak Integration: this makes the flow in my.katalon.com more consistent with the universal flow.
  • We have also improved the Platform Onboarding flow: when you first creates a project or invite the first member to your organization, the step will be marked as COMPLETED. Therefore, the you and your team will not go through that step again for the user.

:information_source: To see our past releases, simply go to the new-release tag.

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