[New Release] Katalon Platform Update - May 2024

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Today, we are announcing all of the updates, patches, and enhancements to the Katalon Platform that we released throughout May 2024.

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Create Test

We are thrilled to announce the release of Katalon Studio version 9.5.0 with the following new features and enhancements…

New features

  • [TestCloud integration] We have introduced Mobile Recorder and Object Spy with TestCloud devices. This option is only available if you have access to mobile native apps in your TestCloud subscription.

  • [TestCloud] We have added the ability to execute test cases, test suites, and test suite collections with mobile native apps on TestCloud devices.

  • [StudioAssist] We have added the ability to use StudioAssist with personal OpenAI and personal Azure OpenAI API key.

  • We have added the ability to execute tests with TestCloud in Katalon Studio using desired capabilities in Project Settings.

  • We have added a Shared Tunnel toggle in the TestCloud Tunnel Setup Helper dialog.


  • We have improved the performance when executing API tests.

  • We have enhanced the HTML and PDF report file to display detailed info when executed with TestCloud and mobile environments.

  • We have revamped the TestCloud configuration dialog so that you can easily choose between 3 types of TestCloud environment.

  • We have resolved some mutation events errors after upgrading to Manifest version 3.

  • We have added the ability to modify generated locators in mobile recorder, spy, mobile, and test objects.

  • We have added Chrome 125, Edge 125, and Firefox 126 compatibilities.

Bug fixed

  • We fixed an issue where Recorder automatically added Switch to Window Title actions when clicking on Web Recorder.

  • We fixed an issue where Import Open API 3 was not working for some specific files.

  • We fixed an unstable issue with CustomKeyword after upgrading to v9.3.1.

  • We fixed an issue where some of our users were unable to capture other objects that have the same XPath.

  • We fixed an issue where some users were unable to open test suite after terminating a test suite collection.

  • We fixed an issue where WebDriverManager downloaded the wrong driver version because it could not detect the browser version in Docker.

  • We fixed an issue where some users were unable to open test suite when renaming the Report folder.

  • We fixed an issue where WebUI.findWebElement was not working the same as in 8.x.


  • The Log in from Browser button no longer opens a new Windows browser tab. It now opens an embedded browser inside Studio. This change helps teams with strict Internet security to log in to Studio more easily.

  • The TestCloud and TestOps icons on the main toolbar are now merged into one and called Katalon Platform integration.

  • When AI Settings is disabled on your account, you cannot use StudioAssist with the Katalon AI service, but you can still use StudioAssist with personal OpenAI and Azure OpenAI key.

  • We have made minor UI adjustment on the Mobile Object Spy dialog.

:information_source: Download Katalon Studio 9.5.0 here: Katalon Studio Download Free | Katalon
:information_source: For more information, please refer to our documentation at: Katalon Studio Release Notes: Version 9.x | Katalon Docs

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New features

1. Introduce TestCloud Private Device

  • Private device pool is dedicated to a specific account, not shared to other accounts.

  • A private device pack must includes at least 5 units.

  • 1 device unit = 1 session. It means it’s impossible to run multiple concurrent sessions in a device.

  • You can execute all TestCloud mobile testing features in the private device without purchasing other licenses.

    • Mobile Browser
    • Mobile Native App
  • In the Schedule Test Run dialog, you can distinguish public and private mobile by the UDID along device’s name.

**2. [TestOps G2 & G3] Executing KS(G4) test suite/test suite collection stored in Katalon Cloud Storage

  • After saving a test suite into Katalon Cloud Storage, you can select this test suite in the Schedule Test Run dialog and assign TestCloud environments to create an execution. It then will be run successfully with TestCloud.

  • The implementation using Katalon CLI method.


1. Upgrade all our TestCloud services to Java 17

  • SonarCloud will deprecate the version of Java (11.0.20) so we need to upgrade all our TestCloud services to Java 17.

2. [TestOps] Support KRE 9.4 as a latest version to be run with TestCloud

  • Turn on KRE 9.4 for TestCloud environments in TestOps.

  • Set KRE 9.4 as the latest version.

Bug fixes

  • Fix the issue regarding video’s name:
    • Videos are not renamed when running with a test suite with retry = retry after executing all
Before After
video.mp4 <order of testcase in test suite (start from 1)>.mp4
  • Fix the issue: Uploaded date is updated after running with a SauceLabs device.

:information_source: For more information, please refer to our documentations at: Katalon TestCloud Release Notes | Katalon Docs

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Katalon Recorder

We’ve upgraded Katalon Recorder to the new Chrome Manifest V3, providing robust protection for your tests and ensuring seamless usage without any concerns about the deprecation of Manifest V2.

This represents a significant improvement, and we have identified the keywords that were impacted during development (see below).

Affected keywords


Affected features

  • Add custom locators
  • Add custom actions

We have taken steps to ensure that these mentioned functions now work properly. If you come across any other issues in the latest version, please let us know by creating a thread in Katalon Recorder.

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