Network Settings

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I am somewhat confused by the documentation here. I need to send a client certificate with a webservice request. I’ve been unable to accomplish this using the setting listed in Project > Settings > Network, which makes some sense as there is a restriction listed on that setting limiting it to WebUI calls only. However, I cannot find any matching documentation describing how to accomplish this behavior with webservice calls. Am I missing additional information somewhere?

Our team needs to be able to use SSL Certificates for web testing. Will this feature be available in a future release?

How i can disable the SSL verification certificate like postman?, i try change the configuration in Project Settings > Network > Certificate settings “none”, but i got the next error No X509TrustManager implementation available

I solve this using Katalon Studio v6.3.3-2

Hi there,

I’m looking for the SSL client certificates option in Katalon Studio version 7.1.1 and it’s missing.

Is this feature has been replace by an other way to setup the client certificate ?
If yes, is anyone can share with me the way to do it, please?

Thanks for your help.