How to add Client certificates (.pem or .jks) with SOAP requests


Can some one provide steps to add client certificates to SOAP request in Katalon studio. I wasn’t able to find any references on this. In my case, I have a soap service which is currently triggered from soap ui tool. This soap service uses a certificate, currently associate as jks (java keystore) file in SoapUI. I was looking for similar option to add the jks file to katalon UI so that the soap headers with WS security are added to soap service when triggerred from katalon.


you need to change path to keystore in your test to point to one with stored key:

System.setProperty("", path_to_your_jks_file);

Hi Andrej,

I am not able to find any section in my webservice test to change the path.
Where to make this change in the test, can you list the menu or file or path where the jks file path to be added.

Normally in soapui we will have the jks added to Keystore section with password. Once it is done, we select signature mode in “outgoing WSS security” and select the keystore file, keystore password, certificate alias and certificate password. This will generate a WS security soap header when soap request is triggered.


you need to do it directly in TC. (switch to script mode)

Hi @lijo.kurian,
You can go to Project -> Settings -> Network and find the client certificates configuration section there.

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Just latching to this topic since one of our testers try to use KS as a client for a REST/JSON interface that uses client certificate authentication. We are using self signed certificate and we have a “.CER” and converted “.PFX” file. We are getting an error trying to send the client certificate. Using POSTMAN works though(disabling the automatic checking of certificate for authenticity) and I wonder if you have tips on how to send a self signed cert for client authentication. We are using KS Enterprise and using the Network settings to add the certificate. We try to use the “.PFX” file. Let us know the proper way of using the client certificate. Postman clearly indicates the types it supports (multiple types).

Thanks in advance!


Hi David,

Since you’re using KSE, you can submit a submit a ticket via helpdesk following this guidance for prompt assistances.

Just a note here since we were able to resolve this issue by trial and error. In windows, when you use the exporter and selected PKCS12, make sure you also export all the extended properties. Doing this resolves the issue.