Nested Profiles

Hi guys

Is there any way to nest profiles in Katalon? I have a bunch of forms in a test suite. They are all tested together. So far so good. Some of the forms are very long and as each form element is identified using an XPATH stored in the profile, the profile is becoming very long and unwieldy. It’s hard for testers to find particular entries. Is there any way to nest profiles so that for example: all test cases could access the parent profile and also their own individual profile nested with the parent. Then different profiles could be used to test UAT, Sandbox etc?


Hi @weebud

All test cases will look into Default profile for a variable if the variable is not found in the selected profile. This is what Katalon Studio currently offers. So an inheritance feature of profile is not available yet. Please suggest a new feature under topic Suggest New Feature/Imporvement.

Regards !

Will do - thank you