Need Help Integrating 부산출장마사지 ( with Katalon

Hey Katalon Community,

I hope you’re all doing well. I’m currently working on a project that involves testing a website called 부산출장마사지 (, which offers massage services. I’ve been using Katalon for my testing needs, but I’m facing some challenges while trying to integrate it with this specific website.

Here are the issues I’m encountering:

  1. Object Recognition: Katalon seems to have trouble identifying some of the elements on the 부산출장마사지 website. The usual methods like XPath and CSS selectors don’t seem to work consistently. Has anyone successfully dealt with a similar situation? Any tips on how to improve object recognition for such cases?
  2. Dynamic Content: The content on the website often changes dynamically based on user interactions. This makes it difficult to create stable test cases. Are there any strategies or best practices within Katalon that can help me handle dynamic content effectively?
  3. Page Load Delays: I’ve noticed that the website occasionally has longer loading times compared to other sites. This affects the reliability of my tests as they sometimes fail due to timeouts. Is there a way to extend the timeout duration specifically for this website in Katalon?
  4. Test Data Management: The website’s booking system requires different sets of test data for various scenarios. What’s the recommended approach in Katalon for managing and using different test data sets efficiently across test cases?
  5. Mobile Testing: Additionally, I’m exploring the possibility of extending my tests to cover the mobile version of the website. Does Katalon offer any features or plugins that can help with mobile testing? Any guidance on getting started with mobile testing using Katalon would be greatly appreciated.

If anyone in the community has experience with testing 부산출장마사지 ( or similar challenging websites using Katalon, I would love to hear your insights and recommendations. Your assistance will be of immense help to me and others facing similar challenges.

Thank you in advance for your time and support!

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Object Recognition. I think we need to know at what level you are at. Are you still using the Web Spy or are you able to create your own pathways to your objects? The Web Spy can help you get started but then you need to “graduate” to being able to create your own pathways.

Dynamic Content. Is the web site dynamic every time you click on a button/image such that it goes to some place you have never been to before (don’t know how to script for this), or does it go back to the same page every time you click on the button/image but each button will send you to a different page (easy to script for). If it is the latter, then you can predict where you are going and set your test script appropriately, same as I do. I even have a situation where the buttons can send me to one of four pages, and I set my script to detect text on the page and run appropriately.

Page Load Delays. You need to use more wait statements, and with appropriate wait timeOuts, such as below. I always use 10 seconds as my timeOut, but if the statement only takes 0.17 seconds to perform the task, then the statement passes and my script moves on. The only time I use a lower timeOut is when I am waiting for a “NotVisible” or “NotPresent”; then I use 3.

WebUI.waitForElementVisible(findTestObect(...), 10)
WebUI.waitForElementClickable(findTestObect(...), 10)

Test Date Management. Either hard code your test data within your statements, or use a spreadsheet, CSV or data file. Maybe someone else will tell you their recommendations. Personally, start with hard coding and see if it addresses your needs. Perhaps, put variables at the top of your Test Case and just change the data there, then use the variables within your test script.

Mobile Testing. KS allows for mobile testing but does not allow for both Web and Mobile within the same project.

As far as I am aware, nobody in this forum has ever posted about it.

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