Combining web and mobile in a single test

So, we’ve been using Katalon Studio for a few months now and are very happy with the web-based and mobile testing so far. Now we would like to go a step further and write a test combining both technologies.

In our proposed test we need to be able to define a task in a PC browser GUI (so selenium-based), process and complete the task in a mobile app (so appium-based), including a commentary on what was done, and check back in the browser on the PC that the task is shown as complete and the commentary is visible.

At the moment we can only choose one technology when we launch a test, as I understand (e.g. Chrome, or Android, but not both). Is it possible to combine both in a single test case, and if so how?

Thanks in advance for your good ideas!

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Face the same problem, any one can help on this? Thanks