Does Runtime engine need KSE 7 installed on the same machine to run?

Hi all, hopefully a simple question for someone to answer. If my company was to purchase a single licence for each of the following:

  • KSE 7
  • Runtime engine

Does “runtime engine” HAVE to be installed on the same machine as KSE 7 to activate/function correctly i.e. am I likely to have issues with the following scenario. I install KSE 7 to MY works machine and runtime engine to the appropriate server box, so I can use MY machine to manage the tests and the server box will handle the execution through overnight jobs.

Hopefully it’s a easy one for someone to answer because my company is now less than keen to commit to Katalon after the recent “licencing” changes and for me to stand a chance of getting them to commit to Katalon I need to be 100% clear on licencing costs etc.

Hi @damianallsopp

Runtime Engine needs not to be installed on the same machine as KSE. The scenario you describe would be feasible.

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Hi @ThanhTo, that is excellent news and thank you for your quick response! :+1:

@ThanhTo what if tests are executed on Jenkins via docker? How does that work?