Navigating to different applications

I have situation -

Perform certain action in one application like generate document in first application, verify same document exists in another application. Come back to first application and continue from next step…

How can I handle this? Please advise…

Assuming these “applications” are merely different URLs…

  // steps for first app

  // steps for second app

  // steps back in first app


Yes different URL’s… When we are stepping back to first app, it should start from next step… navigatetoUrl will load the page again or just turns back to it and continues?

So, when a regular user does this, what happens? Is there something in the URL to denote the new state? Is there something the user does to trigger the move back to the first app?

It’s starting to sound like you want:

  // steps for first app

Call Test Case ("test for 2nd app") /*  steps for second app */

  // steps back in first app

Let me give an example -
Navigate to google site
Search for some text
Open another browser
Navigate to yahoo site
Verify the searched text in first browser exists in yahoo site
Now come back to google browser and click on first link

My previous answer can be used for that.

But really, is the example you gave a good example of what you want to do? (Seems pretty dumb, I have to say).

agree :slight_smile: … Here i have integration call from one url to another one where in the actions performed in first application need to verify in another application and come back and continue…

Document which is generated in URL1 need to be verified in URL2 is available or not… Continue actions in first URL

I think you should read about Call Test Case: