How can i continue to 2nd test case after first test case has finished?


using chrome.
i’m writing some tests, and i want to use the tests in several places.
so only my first test opens a browser and navigate to URL and doesn’t close the browser after the test was done.
i want all my other tests to continue from where my first test has ended.

basically how can i continue my tests from the already opened browser?



of course i already looked there.
is says nothing about how to pass the chromedriver from one test case to another…

This should be a page you want to take a look at:

So actually you can execute a test on your second test case using this approach

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Thank you! didn’t see that note! will use it!

I Can’t open the url: (


You can reference this link:

Regards !

I want to continue my tests from the other tests, becuase the test cases are interrelated. The link you gave me is about how to execute certain steps of a test case. Useless, but thank you!


So perhaps this is what you want ? We do have a keyword for you to call a test case in another test case.

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okay! thank you:smile: