navigateUrl taking too much time to open home page




At the step naviagetToUrl, execution takes hell lot of time to open the URL I am trying to hit.
I have gone through many threads and did some tweaks to the settings but it did not help.
Please suggest how to resolve this

Does that happen to all URLs ?

yes to mostly but the same URL works good on my fellow colleagues system

How long does it take to navigate to that url when ur doing it manually?

hardly 5-10 seconds

I mean 5-10 seconds sounds like “alot” if im honest, when i think most of my Urls load in sub 2 seconds. I cant see this being an issue with katalon. A url that takes a second outside of KS can sometimes take 10 or so seconds to load with chrome driver when running my script.

I can see this more being down to either you internet connection, or the server which your test system is on. I sometimes experience really long delays when ive recenetly restarted or its my first test run of the day, does it get quicker the more times you run the test?

I can understand but the same URL dont take time to execute in other’s system. It does not get quicker anytime I run the test.

Hmm strange, what are your computer specs?

How long does take this code?


Just change URL to yours.

I dont think it matters because it was working fine earlier . Started giving this issue recently and I haven’t updated the app

okay i will try and let you know

So okay, what I did was deleted the profile of Chrome first and then tried to execute the test and it worked all good.
After that I added my previous profile and tried to execute the same test and this time it did work as well :slight_smile:

Thanks all for helping me out!