Navigate to Url with different URL input step not appearing in desktop GUI log when recording


New to Katalon studio, but not to IT (20+ years).

My issue:
Using Katalon studio Web Recorder on Windows env, the recorder is not logging the Item “Navigate to Url”, it does record the “Click” step, the launched browser window does record every click and step, but just will not the change in currently visible url.


To summarise, the recorder is logging everything except the changes in URL.

I’ve tried all the basic steps:

  • Updated browsers to latest versions.
  • Tried in Edge, FF and Chrome - Will try in Brave next.
  • Memory/CPU usage checked
  • Tried running browsers in safe/troubleshooting mode.

Been spending far too much time on this. Can reply with any further required information.

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Do you expect the recorder to insert a line
into the TestCase script?

No. It won’t.

The “Record Web” tool interpretes user’s mouse & keyboard interactions with browser into script lines. No more it does. You clicked a link, so the tool recorded a line “”. That’s all and enough. You don’t need WebUI.navigateToUrl(...) in the script. When you playback the script, it will click the link, then the browser will navigate to a new URL.

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By the way, a line of WebUI.navigateToUrl(....) simulates your action of

  • you click the “Address bar” of the browser to give focus on it
  • you type a string as URL
  • and you send the ENTER.

It has nothing to do with your click action over an <a> element.

Kazurayam Thanks so much for your reply.

Right ,basically I was worried the script being recorded was not adding in to the “navigate to URL”, so in essence I was worrying over nothing as you say it is no longer required.

If I want to annotate more effectively, I suppose saving at each /path page is more ideal and build the test plan, individual test cases or to manually navigate on the navigate frame.

Essentially I was worrying about that step not appearing, but since our only goal here is to automate, then we do not need unnecessary steps.

Thank you.

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