Katalon Studio - Web Recorder does not recognize URL input when Running/Recording

Currently using Katalon 6.1.5 and the latest version of Chrome (with the most updated ChromeDriver moved to the correct filepath per the instructions on several threads regarding issues with Chrome)

This issue occurs for new Test Case recordings - existing ones function just fine.

When attempting to perform a web recording - the popup box opens with the users ability to enter the starting URL point. After entering the desired URL, the browser (Chrome) does not automatically navigate to the URL - instead the address bar populates with the following: data:, It will just stay stuck on that screen without advancing forward.

I am attaching snapshots - this issue does not occur on Firefox recordings

Try Open Browser with no input, then add a step Navigate To Url with your url

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Thanks for your response! - I have attempted this as well prior (I should have mentioned it!) but it yields the same scenario as before! It seems to be a Chrome Specific issue (again - old Test Cases/Suites will open/execute with no issue on Chrome)

The only change I have made is that I have updated to a new work computer (Dell --> Dell) and I have matched my configuration from my previous machine the best I could. As I mentioned, I have already moved the updated ChromeDriver file to the correct Katalon folder (as I was having an issue with the browser not opening at all and the script failing) but when I attempt to ‘record’ the browser opens with that blank run and the ‘data;;’ comment listed in the address bar.