Navigate to browser redirecting incorrectly in V7.0

I have the WEIRDEST problem. In 7.0, when I do a direct WebUI.openBrowser for one specific URL, the browser opens then incorrectly redirects me to another page. When I try the exact same thing in 6.3.2, I am routed to the correct page. I cannot reproduce this manually, with a Chrome/FF/IE incognito window - I am routed correctly and not redirected to another location on the site.

Did anything change in v7 with how browsers are loaded that might cause this behavior? I see it with all browsers available to test with.

I’d rather not post the URL but if someone from Katalon support wants to message me for troubleshooting, I’m happy to provide it. Thanks!

@devalex88 @ThanhTo

Over PMs, I’ve helped @Morgan with this. I have confirmed the crazy behavior she’s documented above and moved this Topic to Bug Reports.

There is a clear difference in the website behavior when executed from Katalon Studio 6.3.0 and KS 7.0.0.rc2 in both Chrome and Firefox. Loading the website url in a browser manually (i.e. not via KS) works correctly.

Because @Morgan has expressed a wish that she’d rather keep the URL private, I’ve invited you guys to the PM thread.


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Any one have an update on when this might be fixed? I’m going to need to use an older version to get this working and I’d prefer not to. Thanks!

@Morgan most probably will be fixed in the kse … sorry young padawan. grab my ‘secret demo’ project as long as you can still have acces to it
one day you will find it useful

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Heard. Thanks!

@devalex88 @ThanhTo Any news on this guys?

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Hi @Morgan

Sorry for forgetting to get back to this thread, we have reproduced this and resolved it. Can you try the latest version ?


It actually had been resolved before 7.0.0 was released. Sorry for not letting you know.

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Awesome - confirmed it works now, I just went ahead and tried the latest published version. Thanks folks!


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