Browser do not navigated to URL many times in latest version 7.0.6

I am running script and found some time blank page on browser get opened and user not navigated to URL in the latest version. Need to restart Katalon studio again then it start working.

I am using chrome and also observed that after 5 mins get restarted again.

I am also facing an issue that need to activate again and again and some time it shows validation error that invalid credentials even i am able to login into the web or forum.

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Neeraj Srivastava

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Same issue here on the same version. The browser will not navigate to the provided URL and just stays on a blank page. However in the Log Viewer it reports that it navigated successfully.

There are so many problem in the latest version of Katalon 7.0.6 as the studio got closed automatically

I am not able to see Reports and basic html report note get generated even I have downloaded the plugin as well. Please look into the issue ASAP.

Thanks & Regards,
Neeraj Srivastava


If you are using the free version of KS the Reports dont show up in Katalon itself… you only see them in the File Explorer… Maybe thats your problem?

Okay but I am not able to see the html report under the Reports folder in my file explorer as well. So can you help me that please find the below screenshot

In your project settings (Project>Settings>Plugins>Report) you can choose which reports to generate… Have you checked this checkbox?

I had already done this before executing suite

I think @ThanhTo maybe could help here or at least know someone who could help.

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