Redirect Page Blocker issue

When i run the test in Katalon Studio using Chrome browser, i am uanble to navigate to another url due to Redirect blocked on this page problem. When i access the url without Kataon then i am able to open it…Facing problem only while executing test using Katalon Studio


I am sitting here facing the exact issue. Did you happen to find a solution?



Basically, what is happening is I click a button like “Login” and it should go to a URL and be redirected to the account homepage. But instead it goes to the first URL and then stops loading. So I am stuck on a “In-between” page and not the redirected page I need to be on.

The code I am using is:

  •‘WebAdmin/WebAdmin_Cust_Search/dd_Login As’))

  • WebUI.waitForPageLoad(60)

  • WebUI.switchToWindowUrl(URL_SPARK_HOME)

(I am new - have not figured out how to properly enter code yet)

But it fails to switch to the new URL because the URL never loaded. It is stuck “loading”. If I click into the redirect URL and hit ‘enter’ it will push it along.

Any advice would be great.

Thanks everyone.