Native popup Handling

Can you tell me how to handle “Save As” popup box in Katalon.
Please find below screenshot -


Is there nothing to handle such popups in katalon?

I used ROBOT java Class.
It simulates keyboard and mouse.
When i look at your pic, OK button is selected. If you press ENTER it will open the file.
If that is your goal, then you only need to simulate ENTER key and it will open that document.

I will try with ROBOT java class.

Thank You!

But I have to check Save File radio button also to download that file

It would be helpful if you had given us the info what are you trying to do.
Are you tying to open the file?
Are you trying to save the file?
Which browser are you using and what version?

Try to simulate TAB key press until you position yourself on the SAVE FILE radio button. Then simulate Enter key.