Internet Explorer Save a File

I am trying to export my data to an xml file and get prompted with the Save / Cancel prompt at the bottom of Internet Explorer. Is there a way I can interact with Internet Explorer prompts using Katalon?

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Even i am struggling for the same. Can anyone help me on this?

Looks like this thread have many solutions and the same context as you guys here:

I am struggling for this too. Can anyone help me on this?

I used java ROBOT class to simulate mouse and keyboard.
You need to import this:

import java.awt.Robot as Robot

import java.awt.event.InputEvent as InputEvent

import java.awt.event.KeyEvent as KeyEvent

At first I thought It can solve the problem, but when i trigger the execution from Jenkins the keyboard actually not being clicked.

Please suggest another solution to resolve it, my main testing is to verify the PDF file if I can’t download then automation is totally fail