Naming conventions to facilitate TestRail/Katalon link

Hi all, I’m waiting on a license to begin integrating my existing Katalon tests with a new TestRail project I’ve set up and I’m just wondering what approach you all take for naming.

As of right now, I’ve got the individual test steps for each test case imported into TestRail with descriptive names (e.g. Complete Checkout with Default Product). However, the corresponding automated test case has a different name (e.g. checkoutCompleteDefault).

Is it worthwhile to append the Katalon test names with the ID from TestRail? e.g. T133_checkoutCompleteDefault

Or would that be redundant given the setup step of adding a variable to each test case in Katalon that defines its TestRail ID?

Just trying to wrap my mind around the best way to keep straight which automated test goes with which test case in TestRail at a glance. Happy to hear any practices you all use!

Katalon -> Tests Explorer -> Test cases -> <My test case> -> Properties -> Description: <Testrail Test CaseID> - <Testrail Test Name>.

E. g. 97589 - Check input form