Multiple devices via Browserstack?

I’ve managed to get my remote settings in Katalon to integrate with Browserstack through the Remote Web UI settings.

Is there any way of getting my test suite to run over multiple devices via the Remote settings? I see Browserstack uses an array so I tried “device[0]” as Galaxy S8, for example, and “device[1]” as Nexus 4 but the test only seems to run in the last device in the list.

Assuming that you’ve added the devices like it’s described here (, from my point of view the next steps are:
1. Create a Test suite that contains the tests that you want to run on BS
2. Create e Test suite collection that contains the Test suite from point 1 and the devices (it should look like the attached screenshot)
3. Execute the collection


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That’s brilliant Andrei, worked perfectly, thank you very much.

@Andrei_Zaharia How can I define several devices? I don’t see any guidance in the documentation.