MouseOver not working in firefox

Could you please help me with my problem?

I want to mouse over on top navigation which opens a dropdown, mouse over on one element from a dropdown which opens another dropdown, clicking one element from second dropdown.

So I am not able to mouse over on dropdown 's element . It is working fine in chrome but not in Firefox

Here is my script:
WebUI.mouseOver(findTestObject(‘Object Repository/Homepage Anonymous/Browse Products/mouseOver Browse Products’))

WebUI.mouseOver(findTestObject(‘Homepage Anonymous/Browse Products/mouseOver_abc’)) - this is not working in firefox‘Homepage Anonymous/Browse Products/Click xyz’))

Mouseover is notoriously flaky in Katalon, and even in the greater Selenium world. I would suggest, if possible, to not use mouseover, and use clicks instead. As long as you can click the menu item without it closing the dropdown and/or redirecting you, it should be possible:‘Object Repository/Homepage Anonymous/Browse Products/mouseOver Browse Products’))‘Homepage Anonymous/Browse Products/mouseOver_abc’))‘Homepage Anonymous/Browse Products/Click xyz’))
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