Mouse Over not working

I use WebUI.mouseOver before clicking, but the system waits for me to mouseOver manually and keep doing automation scenario.
is there something wrong with this version ?

thank you for answer!

No there is nothing wrong with the version. I use mouseover and it is working on 7.9. You need to provide more details so we can help you. Your code, scripts what error message you getting etc.


After I use a WebUI.mouseOver() command, I add a WebUI.delay(2) giving the system time to display the pop-up.


there is no error, but the system waits for me to mouse over the element manually, then it continues with the automated scenario.
So the system is unable to mouse over automatically this is what i need to know, why ??

I tried this, but mouse over not working automatically.
The system waits for me to mouse over manually.

@ferrariklersone The information that displays for the mouseOver() on our system is associated with a title attribute. Did you review your span element to see if the information the mouseOver() will display is attached to an attribute of the span element?

Also, you can check the mouseOver() information is there by WebUI.verifyElementAttributeValue(findTestObject('to'), 'title', "your information", 10)

what i’m going to put as tittle and information ? :upside_down_face:

You are doing a mouseOver() to display some information, such as “help text”. As I mentioned in my post above, we have our information associated with the title attribute, often on a label. So we hover over the label and we get a message displayed, such as “Choose only one option from the list below”. When you look at the HTML, what attribute is that information associated with? Substitute the attribute your system has for your information.

If you cannot find the information associated with the span element, then maybe that is why the mouseOver() is not working.

so have got an another suggestion if possible?
I can’t mouse over the element manually, i need the system to do that for me to complete my test.

thank you again.

what are you using recorder or you are creating the object and writing the script yourself?

@anuradha hiii,
i created object and writing the script

xpath :

script :

Hello @ferrariklersone okay i got this as example:

Try this as example and let know if it works

@anuradha still not working :upside_down_face:

show me where you want to click, Its html and what error you are getting when running the script

mouse over to New link : image

html : image

error displayed in katalon :

Try this xpath and check how it works:
//span[contains(@class,“Muibutton-startIcon”) and contains(@class,“MuiButton-iconSizeSmall”)]

how i will write the script with this xpath please ?

always with WebUI or …

Create another test object in your object repository and add the xpath there and call it in your script.

@anuradha the system does not find it.

xpath : image

you should put it where its written selector locator