Mouseover does not work on headless mode


Has anyone been able to make mouveover on headless mode.

I keep getting this error:

The button i am trying to click is:

I am not able to click on it directly unless i mouse over.
This is the DOM:

The xpath for importFileClient is :
//button[contains(@class,“btn”) and contains (@class,“green”) and contains(@class," invoices-to-transactions") and contains(@class," fileupload-exists")]

I hope someone replies and can provide some advise regarding it.


@anuradha Try to capture this object using spy web method and do your mouseOver then click .

hope this helping you !!!

@anuradha Try to raise view port size
WebUI.setViewPortSize(1600, 900)
or try to scroll to element

Thank you. I will try the solutions and let you know if there is any issues.

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