Mobile parallel testing with Katalon

I tried to execute en test suite collection on parallel on different real devices plugged in the computer but had some difficulties.
I just wanted to know if I needed to install other things like Selenium grid, and if I need to parameter appium? Or maybe Katalon is already doing all of that ?


Hi quentin,

Can you tell me which difficulties from your side when you are trying do parallel testing for mobile?


Hi Vinh,

Execution is slower on devices during parallel execution than when I run each in sequential mode.
With two devices, I have the feeling that one action is done, when the other device is not doing anything, like one at a time but in parallel. But maybe I just need a powerful computer to run tests in parallel?

Hi quentin,

So in this case you don’t need to do anything, just plug in your different devices and select parallel execution for these devices.


This is not working for me. I have 2 devices setup and my collection setup for Parallel execution. The collection is running on 1 device only while the other is not doing anything and my execution ends up failing. The APK gets installed and opened on both devices at the same time but then the steps will only run on one


I have the same issue as you when I run 2 device. If you have any suggestion. Please help me.
Thank you !

Hi I am facing same problem have you found any solution please share it with me


hi, any updated?? I have facing same issue, once running sequential for 2 device, but only running on 1 device for both, the configuration for each has different. what I must to do ???
I used 2 Android Virtual Device for OS 10 & OS 11, Katalon V. 8.1.0, appium 1.22.0.
I have clear cache, and restart katalon, but still not work.