Does Katalon Studio support parallel testing on Mobile Apps?

I try to do Parallel Testing on mobile app using BrowserStack devices but does not working. I have multiple devices setup and my collection setup for Parallel execution. The collection is running on 1 device only while the other is not doing anything. The APK gets installed and opened on all devices at the same time but then the steps will only run on one.

No users would be able to answer to your question. Ask Katalon people.


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Done, thank you @kazurayam

What is Katalon’s answer?

He has informed his technical team to help me. I’ll let you know.


Sorry for late response. Do you receive any error or warning?

Otherwise, can you please double check the setting with this following tutorial by Browserstack: Run Katalon Studio tests with Automate | BrowserStack Docs?

Hi @Elly_Tran, thank you.
I have not error, tests are running but not in parallel.
This is for web and not app mobile :frowning:

Ok. The link I have sent also accepts you to run on browser. Please notice to select parallel mode and max time > 1.

In the meanwhile, I found it as a bug which has been raised previously and solved in v8.3.3 alpha. Please double check your KS version, upgrade to the latest one if not yet. Hope this can work

Thank you @Elly_Tran
I’m using KS 8.4.0 and I think I had the test suite collection set up correctly.


After catching up with my team, the issue has been tested and succeeded in the latest Katalon version. Please upgrade it and let us know if you can succeed!

Hi @Elly_Tran ,
Thank you very much, it’s OK on 8.5.5 version :grin: