Mobile - Mobile Spy is not validating xpath?


I discovered that Appium Desktop gives the ability to verify an Xpath and have got the following xpath from there and saved to an object in Katalon:

//android.view.ViewGroup[@content-desc=“Work Order Sub-Type”]/android.view.View

If I add this object to Mobile Spy, I get an ‘inactive’ icon and when I click on the name, I do not see the element highlighted. This is the case for all xpath that I have edited and saved to an object (ie I have tried to create a relative xpath, rather than the absolute xpath that katalon produces - these are all valid in Appium Studio, and my limited knowledge of xpath) - unable to validate any objects in Spy.

Is there anything that I am missing with Mobile Spy? If there was any way to not use xpath I would do so of course but I don’t have that option!
Screenshot shows my inactive object status, my ‘ViewGroup’ with ‘content-desc’ and view.View below.

I have a further query about Appium Desktop Inspector as well - I am able to ‘send keys’ to objects but cannot do the same with Katalon. Eg I can send text to the xpath above but this fails in Katalon (I am trying to send keys to an element to avoid more work on automating a picker widget. Does Katalon use a different method of sending keys than Appium perhaps? I can attach screenshots if helpful but essentially it uses the Appium Desktop Inspector to perform a limited number of actions eg tap, swipe, send keys, as well as ability to verify locators.

Thanks for any feedback, Dan

Hi @Dan_Bown,

Currently, Katalon Studio did a little bit different between Mobile Record and Mobile Spy. All the actions like “tap”, “send keys”… are only available in Recording mode.
So, as you wish, those features could be found under Recording mode. Besides, the verify element feature is not supported yet (It was developed but has not scheduled /=), we will consider to release it soon).

~ Thanks for the question, Thong

Hi @thongnmtran
thanks for the reply - I realise that Mobile Spy is only for capturing elements but assumed that if I added my own object to the Spy it might validate it - will be a very useful feature when released :slight_smile:

My scenario above was that I successfully sent keys to an ‘android.view.View’ element using Appium Inspector.
When I tried to do the same thing in Katalon (running the test case, and Mobile.Send Keys + same object) the step failed, as the object could not be interacted with. Wondering why this difference in behaviour. I will try to use the Recorder later to see whether I can replicate and compare Appium and Katalon side-by-side.
Thanks, Dan

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Hello there,

Verify and Highlight feature is already supported in Mobile Spy. Please upgrade to the latest version.