Need one xpath finder/inspector in Katlon studio

Hi Team,

While working on this tool i observed one missing thing in tool, For example when user constaructed a xpath he want to validate that with the tool we dont have any provission for this just like chrome finder with xpath. This leads a pain the the automation script writer again like he has to run the whole script if in a case he added this at line 100 he has to executute all the 99 lines of the code then only he can jurdge that the constructed xpath is working.

Siri kumar

I’m not really sure what you mean here…

In object spy web you haven an option once you save an object and can click highlight and verify. It will tell you if it can find it and highlight it for you.

Also if you can create a test just to test the object if you really wanted too. Have just navigation to the page and verify you can view or click on that part. However in my opinion this is all part of automation. I find myself running my tests 5 or 8 times sometimes and rewriting it to make sure objects pick up. However once they are set they work on all test cases.