Missing test case when starting Katalon Studio

Operating System

Windows 10 x64.

Katalon Studio Version



This is a bit random but usually:

  1. Open some test cases.
  2. Keep tabs open and close Katalon Studio.
  3. Close Katalon.
  4. Open Katalon.
  5. Katalon tries to restore the session.


Katalon should open all tabs as long as test case files are there. And they are there.

In case of critical failure it would be nice if it shows name of broken tab (tast case name or class name).


One or two tabs are gone. I can reopen them but next time when I open the same or different tab is gone. It is quite random. Or at least I cannot find any pattern. Sometimes it’s a first tab, sometimes it’s second.


log.txt (95.2 KB)

I stopped trusting Katalon’s ability to save the session a long, long time ago. When I informed @duyluong about the reasons why I never use it (during a meeting Dec 2021) he seemed quite astonished.

I wouldn’t even know where to start documenting what can go wrong. In my view, it’s best avoided.

First thing I do when I install a new Katalon version is to disable session auto-restore.
2nd in line, for each project i have to disable testops integration.