[WebUI] Close Window Index

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I have the problem, that Katalon loses the connection to the browser when i close a window / tab. I keep remebering that it was working a while ago (around the time when Katalon 6.1.X was released). Is that a bug with the new Katalon?? Does anybody else encounter this issue?

Yes, I am facing the same issue. It locks the session instead of closing the window by Index.

Did either of you happen to solve this? Getting the same & can’t find another method to sort.

I cannot find a workaround either.

Please may I have some help understanding what is actually happening in the background to close the tab? In our software we had a bug where if a tab is closed it terminated the software session for the user. This cannot be replicated in Katalon but can be replicated by performing the same actions manually even in the same browser session.

Could the way Katalon closes tabs be different to us using Ctrl + w or clicking the small ‘x’ in the tab?

Appreciate any thoughts on this. Thanks!

It’s sad to see that this discussion has no resolution after all this time. :frowning:

For me, if I use the Javascript executor to open a tab, and the close that tab within the same test case, things work just fine. I’m able to continue running new test cases within the same suite using the already open browser window.

However, if I open a new tab with the Javascript executor within one test case, and then try and close that tab from a later/subsequent test case within the same test suite, then the entire browser window closes upon completion of the test case, even though there are more test cases to run.

It seems that closing a window that was opened in a different test case causes the entire browser window to close when the test case completes. At least, that’s my best guess as to what is causing this behavior. Not sure how to workaround the issue at the moment.