Maximum number of Test Cases in a Test Suite and Test Suite Collection

Is there any limit on the number of Test Cases that can be added to a Test Suite or Test Suite collection for batch execution? Any input on this will help in logically breaking down the Test Suites more appropriately. Thank you.

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We do not have the limitation on the number of Test Cases in Test Suite/Test Suite Collection.
Please raise the concern if you have any issue with it.

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Thank you for the confirmation.

When I run the collection in sequential mode, the tests of the test suites are very slow to run, and this rigidity leads to a lack of identification of the objects.
If this problem does not exist in parallel.
please guide me … thanks…

We have a data file that has 249 scenarios being called by one test suite to validate that correct documents are attached in a transaction. We tried to limit up to 200 data iterations per test suite. So that would be:
It did not run that nightly test suite at all when I searched by keyword in the log.
We had to split that big data file into much smaller set of test scenarios in order for the nightly batch to execute all 249 tests sequentially.