Is there a limit to how many test cases we can have in Katalon Studio?

I would like to know if there is a test case limit.

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Yes there are limits to a test case, however, you can have multiple test cases in a Test Suite to overcome this. I will say if you exceed over 300 lines in the Manual tab, then you may encounter a ‘Code Too Large’ error. While I am building my Test Cases, I work in the Script tab, and occasionally I click over to the Manual tab to see where I am at, not to exceed 300 lines . Do NOT change anything on the Manual tab if you work on the Script tab as that will cause major script changes–definitely your code formatting, some things disappear, yikes.

If you work in the Manual tab only, then I would still keep to that 300 line limit and then create another Test Case. If you exceed the 300 lines by a bit, then go ahead and try and run it, but if you get the ‘Code Too Large’ error, then create another Test Case and copy and paste from the Script page to the other Test Case anything in excess of 300 lines. That is just my method and easy to remember.

Also note that you can have multiple lines of code in while loops, for loops, if/else statements and try/catch blocks that can alter the “count” on the Manual tab. In this case, just copy and paste until you can start the Test Case without a ‘Code Too Large’ error.

Edit: I also do not go more than 5 Test Cases within a Test Suite.

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