Map Katalon profile to ADO test configuration


Anyone knows how to map the Katalon Profile to ADO Test Configuration.

Objective: To update ADO test case test configuration run with the mapped configuration in Katalon Profile used during test suite execution.


Hi @Garena, welcome back to our Katalon Community! Can you check if this docs is helpful for you?

Vu Tran

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Hi vu.tran, yeah I already saw this document long ago, but it couldn’t produce the result I want.

Expected result: The Configuration column in test case result in ADO Execution tab will be updated to whatever Katalon Profile being used in running.

Let’s say I have

  • Katalon Profile == UAT
  • Then I want it to be mapped to my ADO test configuration which is “UAT Test Server”
  • After I run a Katalon Test Suite using UAT as profile, it will then update the Test Case Results > Configuration column to “UAT Test Server”


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Hi @Garena, could you share more screenshot or video? We are unable to find your image in both Pipeline and Test Plan in ADO. More details could be helpful for us.

Thank you.

Hello, I have the same request. I want to use the Azure DevOps Configuration option in the Test Plans module to set the test environment for test case execution. I have created a configuration for each of our test execution environments: test, prod, etc. (similar to Katalon Profiles)

I would like to request that the Azure DevOps integration in Katalon support using the Katalon Profile for the Test Configuration Mapping. (Katalon currently has the Execution OS/Device & Execution Browser/App available to map the Test Configuration in Azure DevOps.)

Without this ability, I have to have separate Test Plans in Azure DevOps for each environment (test, qa, staging, prod).