Is it possible to publish test cases from Katalon directly into Azure Test Plans ?

I can map ADO test plan test cases to Katalon studio, in this scenario im creating test cases in two places, in KSE and ADO test plans.

Is it somehow possible to publish my Katalon test cases directly into ADO as ADO test cases ?

@rkodippily, you can have a check at this doc to map test cases between KS and ADO.

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I can do the mapping, im new to QA automation so maybe my question doesn’t make sense.

I was wondering if its possible to add the Katalon test case directly into a ADO test plan as an ADO test case.

You can always try Azure Devops Extension to run Katalon project with ADO. You can check this doc for more info if this is what you are looking for.

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yes, I have already done this and managed to run a Katalon test collection from inside the ADO pipeline. I can upload the test artifacts and everything to ADO without any issue

But that still doesn’t update anything in the ADO Test Plans.

Anyway thanks for your time!