Manual upload to Analytics does not include screenshots


Hi Katalon-Team,

thanks for creating the by far best solution for automation for QA without proper coding experience.

I stopped the automatic upload of reports to Katalon Analytics as I did reset all old data which were generated for testing the tool. Now the new project in Analytics shall have only the relevant data for stakeholders in it, so I switched to manual upload.

As far as I see, there is no possibility to get screenshots attached to the report if they will be uploaded manually.

After searching the forum and kat-documentation I now be in the need to ask if this option is just too well hidden or if it is really only possible for automatic upload.

Fingers crossed for option number 1 … but if it is really not possible, do I need to enter this feature request again in another folder?

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work, love the tool.


Hey again, in addition to above question it came over that it is not possible to upload a TestCollection, only testsuites are possible. This introduces a lot of clutter in Analytics and cut the overview.
Afaik (and also kat-documentation is showing it) it was possible in the past.

Waiting for reply, thanks in advance


Hi @Alexander_Heinz

Thank you for your suggestion. Manually uploading Test Suite Collection results will be available in the upcoming releases. Regarding manually uploading test suite results, screenshots are among the uploaded files; hence, please double-check and report if you still have this issue.



Hey Jass, thanks for reply,

I did a proper test by doing the exact same testsuite with and without automatic upload enabled (with “Attach screenshot”-option).
In run #7 its with automatic upload enabled and screenshots are available in files section (they are not in the respective testcase as I would assume it, but that’s a different story :wink: ), in run #8 the same testsuite is run without automatic upload and doing the upload manually by using the “Katalon Analytics” - “Upload” functionality in result view of the suite. This time the screenshots are not uploaded to analytics. In both cases the screenshots were created in the reports folder.

Did it work on your machine with manual upload? …then I would continue to check if other options get across failing the upload.
Else I would say this is either a bug or missing functionality.

Thanks in advance


Hi @Alexander_Heinz

I just want to know more details about the investigation of your case. Could you please tell me the steps that you took to manually upload test results? Since some users consider pressing “Access Analytics” as a manual way while the others think uploading by CLI is.

Thank you



Hey Jass,

sure, that’s an important question that’s why I added this information already in the post above. I was using:
In the executed testsuite -> Result tab -> dropdown Katalon Analytics button -> hit “Upload”

Cheers and thanks for investigating,

P.S.:re-read my reply today and see it could be considered offending, that’s not the intention! Just wanted to be clear on that :slight_smile:


Hi Alex

Quick favor, please let me know which Katalon Studio version you use.



Hey Jass,

I am using the most actual one:
Katalon Studio
Version: 6.3.3
Build: 11

Katalon Studio is up to date.